Friday, February 22, 2008

Enjoying the Magic as an Adult

Wow - life has been busy, but never too busy to think about Disneyland, or work it into a conversation! I had lunch with a well-known attorney in my field of interest yesterday. Everything was going very well - good conversation, shared interests....and somehow the conversation turned to a trip she'd made to Disneyland. We shared a few ride experiences, and she admitted that she is not a big fan. We compared our history with Disneyland - age when first went, amount of times visited and such, and came up with a theory that if you visit when you are really young, you are more likely to be in love with it. (Although my Wife didn't go for the first time until after she was 30, and was quickly hooked!) She first went as a rebellious pre-teen and thought she was "way too cool" to like that set the stage. I went a lot as a child since we lived close by for a couple years, plus had family in the area that we visited even after we moved away from California. We did find common ground in the joy that we both felt when taking our kids to Disneyland. There is nothing like experiencing the Magic through the eyes and hearts of your own children.