Wednesday, August 8, 2007

10 Great Reasons to Stay at a Disneyland Resort Hotel and 10 Great Reasons to Stay Somewhere Else

By Dakota D

One of the top questions people have regarding going to Disneyland concerns where to stay. There are countless hotel reviews to be found on the internet. Simply do a search on “Anaheim hotel reviews” and you’ll soon have more than you'd imagined. I personally really enjoy reading the reviews at They are written by real travelers (we believe, but of course, this is the internet) so both good and bad comments can be found on most hotel researched. Some travelers will have loved it; others will have hated it – but the individual experiences and reasons for their opinions are fun and informative.

Where to stay, however, is not the focus of this article. Instead, I wanted to highlight 10 great things about staying off the Disneyland Resort property and 10 great things about staying on the Disneyland Resort property. Reflect on these lists and really consider which reasons are most important to you before booking your next vacation.

Reasons to Stay Off the Disneyland Resort Property

1. Generally, this is a much less expensive option.

2. It is possible to find lodging where breakfast is included.

3. The hotel may have its own shuttle which will take you almost to the Main Gate, which will be a shorter walk to Disneyland than staying at the resort hotels.

4. You can find a room with both a microwave and a refrigerator. Most Disney Resort rooms have refrigerators, or they are available upon request, but they do not have microwaves.

5. Better views of the parks and fireworks on some off property rooms than some on property rooms.

6. Some hotels have nicer pool areas, especially for kids, than Paradise Pier does.

7. You may be closer to fast food and other restaurant options than staying on the Resort.

8. It can be relaxing to get away from the Disney crowds, especially if you stay a little ways away from Disneyland and find a hotel with its own shuttle.

9. You can find rooms bigger than the Disneyland Resort hotel rooms, and some even have separate bedroom suites available. This is really nice if you have kids. (Note: Disneyland Hotel does have very limited number of suites.)

10. Lower expectations means less likelihood of being disappointed. People may build such high expectations of staying on the Resort property that they will not be happy with minor imperfections and inconveniences, and will ultimately have a better experience staying off property.

Reasons to Stay On Disneyland Resort Property

1. You will constantly be immersed in the Magic of Disneyland. All Disney – all the time!

2. Disney themes greet you around every corner – the bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants, public restrooms, music, and more.

3. The Disneyland Hotel has a great pool area – The Never Land Pool, plus two other pools that include a sandy “beach” area.

4. The Disneyland Hotel features a great shady waterfall area with caves to explore and a wonderful mist to cool you off. Even in the middle of August, this area tends to not be crowded.

5. The Grand Californian has a private entrance into California Adventure. Guests at any of the Disneyland Resort Hotels can use this entrance.

6. Purchases made in the parks can be sent to your hotel.

7. Paradise Pier has wonderful views of California Adventure, and the Grand Californian is essentially in the California Adventure Park.

8. Disney character wake-up calls.

9. Disney character dining experiences available in your hotel.

10. Child activities and childcare offered on-site.

So, there you have it, 10 great reasons to stay off or on the Disneyland Resort property. Really, unless you are a person that needs to get away from “the Disney of it all,” the choice generally comes down to money and room availability. Staying at the Disneyland Resort is going to cost you some serious bucks, especially when compared to some of the budget-oriented options available in Anaheim. Is it worth the extra money? For me and my family, it’s been worth every penny.


admin said...

Those are very detailed reasons to either stay at hotels close to Disneyland or choose other local hotels.

Rod Bickel said...

We have stayed off property, just a couple of blocks away, and have had a wonderful experience. We could see the fireworks from our hotel room and the walk over built the excitiment. We also had great breakfasts in our hotel. Off property is a good value and if you stay close to the parks you can still have some of the majic.

Dhairya said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful reason. It's very helpful.Thanks.