Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to Disneyland!!

I am surprised by the number of hits I still get each day considering I have not posted in two years. It is so cool that there are still people out surfing for Disneyland tips that find my site, and think it is useful. I sometimes even get email about it.

OK, so, I've not posted in FOREVER because I went off to law school, graduated, passed the bar, got divorced, lived out of people's guest rooms for a while, fell in love, found a new place to live, got a great job....and FINALLY, am fulfilling my promise to take the kids back to Disneyland!

This will be the first trip the kids really remember since they were 1 1/2 and 4 last time. The boy remembers a bit, kept fresh by lots of pictures and stories. They are both so excited! I had hoped that by now it might be realistic for my ex, her partner, me and my partner, and all of our kids to do this trip together. Financial realities mean that could not happen, but my ex did not want the kids to miss out just because she could not go, too. I know how hard it is for her to not be a part of this event with them, and I do appreciate her sacrifice. We both love Disneyland and sharing that with our kids is important. Anyway, this trip will be my, my partner, and the two kids, now 6 and 9.

The top must-dos include Dumbo and Splash Mountain for the girl, and an Ariels' Grotto lunch with the Princesses. For Boy Wonder it is Star Tours and Splash Mountain, plus a meal at Rainforest Cafe in the Downtown Disney District. My tops are Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion - done up Nightmare Before Christmas style (a first for me!) and would have been Pirates of the Caribbean, but darn - closed for refurbishment! Guess I will choose Tower of Terror as a third option, for the queue as much as anything, or no, maybe Indiana Jones..yes. I think so. My partner is looking forward to Star Tours - and pretty much everything since she's not been there in years and years.

I am so excited about seeing my family's excitement and enjoyment of the magic of Disney. I have a lot of stuff I want us to see and experience together, but am telling myself to relax and just let it all happen as it will. We have five nights, and most of 6 days there, so we will have plenty of time to enjoy the entire resort and all it has to offer. I will keep in mind that Fantasmic! is only showing 2 nights we are there, and Small World is closing after the first 2 days for the Holiday overhaul and Aladdin does not show on Monday or Tuesday....but other than those few things, we'll just take it as it comes. No matter how we let our days unfold, we will be having fun and making memories, and that is what matters!


Hilary Shandale said...

good to have you back!!! so much has changed, you have plenty to check out, an more to come!

Allan Murray said...

Photogenic photos. Wish to be there in disney land.

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Autumn May Dale said...

Cool! I also love to go to Disneyland. Wish I can have time and budget for that. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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Elisha said...

Awesome experience!!! I think you really enjoyed your vacation with family..It's great idea to enjoyed vacation with family.Keep Posting.Thanks for sharing.


Dhairya said...

Great idea to enjoyed vacation with family in Disney land.I really want to visit this place with my family.Thanks for posting.