Monday, October 13, 2008

A few tidbits of DL tips

I keep meaning to update this blog, and life keeps getting in the way.

A couple random thoughts that I meant to write more about but will just touch on:

- Dressing kids in brightly-colored T-shirts really is worthwhile, and makes them so much easier to spot in a crowd. If they have matching T-shirts they are willing to wear at the same time, that is even better. Though we were not at Disneyland, over the past few weeks, I have had the kids in large-crowed situations and was so thankful for the bright, matching shirts. Not only are they easier to spot, but if one does get temporarily lost, you can say, "He was wearing a shirt like this," and reference the other child's shirt.

- Flavor packets. Have you seen the tiny packets of drink mix that you pour into a bottle of water to provide flavor? I avoid the ones with artificial sweetener, but I know some people might prefer them. Either way, they are handy as a special treat, especially if you have a child that needs to stay hydrated but doesn't like water. Throw a couple in your purse, and anywhere there's water, you can instantly have a delicious beverage.

- Remember, Disneyland is all decorated for Halloween! There are fun activities, treats, decorations and more, only for the Halloween season - Sept. 26-Nov. 2. For more details check out the resort site. Happy Haunting!

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